Beat Sunday Scaries with These Self Care Rituals

Ah, Sunday evening. You’ve had a weekend filled with fun but the work week is fast approaching, and so is your internal freak-out. How do the Sunday Scaries manage to sneak up on us every week?

While there’s no magic wand to fast-forward through Monday, there are a few ways to settle into Sunday evening and reduce anxiety over the days ahead. Taking this time to reset is essential for tackling the week with a calm and collected mindset. 

The gatherings, errands, and impromptu celebrations are over. Now it’s time to relax with yourself for an evening of self-care. To move into this mindset, remember that there is nowhere you need to be, and nothing you “should” be doing. Simply be present in this moment meant for you.

Here’s a few of our favorite gentle ways to close out the weekend. 

Comfort Food

If you enjoy cooking, a Sunday evening can be the perfect time to try a new recipe. The meditative aspect of following directions, working with your hands, and moving around a kitchen can help bring you back into your body. This is the perfect chance to make a favorite that takes a few hours, like this herb and lemon roasted chicken

If cooking is another dreaded to-do, don’t sweat it. Skip the stress and grab takeout from a local restaurant to enjoy your favorite warm meal. 

Move Your Body

One of the best ways to reset your mind is through your body. Many local yoga studios offer Sunday candlelit classes with a slower pace to stretch out your scaries. Going for a walk during the golden evening hours is another way to reconnect with nature and fall in love all over again with your neighborhood. 

Indulgent Beauty Routine

Sundays are the perfect time to repair your hair with a deep condition, or rehydrate skin with a moisturizing face mask and jade roller. While you might not have time for longer hair and skincare routines during the week, Sunday is your window of opportunity for a long soak with your favorite Herbal Bath Tea. Turn on your favorite music, light a candle, and take this moment to focus solely on yourself. 

Prepare For The Week

This should be the shortest part of your evening. It’s easy to fixate on how you’re going to manage such a busy week. But devoting 15-20 minutes to fully addressing these thoughts (and then moving on) can put your worries to rest. Set a timer and use this time to tidy up your space, peek at your planner, and make a to-do list of essentials for the next morning. Then, get back to relaxing. 

Fix a cup of tea, reach for your favorite novel, and slowly relax into sleep. You’re well on your way to crushing the week ahead. 

Beat Sunday Scaries with These Self Care Rituals