Chasing Your Daydream and Making It Happen

In this series, we’ll explore small steps you can take to align your career and passions. It’s how Maven was born, and we’re never looking back. Join us on the journey to live a life you truly love.

For most of us, our career is something we may be good at, pays us enough to support ourselves, or is advancing us toward the next big break. checks some of the boxes, but not all of them. 

This is perfectly normal, if not expected of your career. A job is simply a job, and only makes up a small part of your life filled with passions, relationships, and hobbies. 

But you’ve been itching for something more. You dream of leaving office life behind and opening a cozy coffee shop. Ditching business trips to spend afternoons in a pottery studio. Casting away meetings to design floral instead (something the Maven team knows a thing or two about!). 

For now, it’s just an idea. A “someday when things aren’t so busy.” And that’s ok. These are huge pivots and don’t happen overnight. But, there are a few nudges you can take to start spending your days doing what you love.

First step: Write! It! Down!

Simple, we know. But you’d be surprised how putting those ideas on paper can move them forward in your life, even if only subconsciously. 

There are many goal setting and visualization journal prompts, but our favorite is looking one year out. Where do you want your daydream to be one year from now? Think of a few concrete ideas and work backwards. 

Set up monthly dates with yourself to check progress, creating mini goals to chip away at the grand vision. This way, your dream is on your mind without being something you fixate on daily. Some months might be slower than others. Just remember that you’re doing something to make this happen. It’s ok if it doesn’t move as quickly as you’d like. 

Here’s a few examples:

The big idea: I want to build up my photography portfolio.

Monthly minis: 

  • Build a website to showcase your work
  • Spend one morning a month devoted to photography (shooting, editing, taking a class, etc.)
  • Use friends as subjects to experiment with your style

The big idea: Build a pottery business

Monthly minis: 

  • Attend local markets and befriend fellow makers
  • Rent weekly/biweekly studio space
  • Share your adventures on social media to promote your pottery

Image Credit: Aurora Grace Photography

The key to any goal is consistency. Doing a little every month is better than big bursts of work once or twice a year. This way, you’re incorporating your passion into daily life, making it easier to take a big leap when the time comes. How are you chasing your daydream this month?

Chasing Your Daydream and Making It Happen