Creating A Sanctuary At Home: Bedroom Edition

Bedrooms are the definition of private space. It’s the only place where we can consider ourselves and only ourselves--no hosting, hangouts, or guests involved. 

The idea of returning to your bed each night as a retreat and not just a place to sleep is one that takes practice. It takes honoring both personal time and space. Through a few mindful additions, this singular room in your home can transform into its own escape entirely. Here’s a few easy ways to transform your bedroom without buying a single thing. 

Set Boundaries

One of the quickest ways to silence the outside world is leaving electronics behind. The temptation is strong, but pledge to make your bedroom phone, TV, and laptop free for a few weeks and see how you feel. This creates a boundary that your bed is meant for peace and rest, not the pings of emails and social notifications. 

Have kids? Setting boundaries with your littles is important, too. While having a completely adults-only space is impossible, start with a few off-limits hours and work from there. These moments alone can help bring you back into yourself after so much time spent caring for others. 

Get Sensual

As in, consider every sense cared for in your bedroom. Complete a scan of your body and think about the small ways you can make yourself comfortable. A soft blanket, warm lighting, and an essential oil diffuser are great places to start. Slow things down each night and ease into mornings with soothing music, meditation or journaling. 

Keep It Clean

Every bedroom has that chair. You know the one. Piled high with discarded outfit options and jeans you swear you’ll wear later this week. Taking five minutes each day to make your bed and tidy these spaces makes a huge difference when you return in the evening to your cozy bedroom. Instead of stressing about the mess, you’ll be able to relax right away. 

One of the easiest ways to treat your bedroom as a sanctuary is to begin honoring the space. This simple shift in perspective can not only change the way you see your bedroom, but shift your mental state the moment you hit the mattress. What are your wind-down essentials in the bedroom?

Creating A Sanctuary At Home: Bedroom Edition