Maven Roundup: Our Favorite Bakeries in Minneapolis

Everyone loves a good cup of coffee. Some mornings though, you need an extra kick. On a slow Sunday morning, a latte simply tastes better with a flaky pastry on the side. Before a big wedding weekend, we love to kick off the day with a perfectly-wrapped box of croissants. 

No matter what kind of sweet tooth you have, we’ve got a few go-to spots in Minneapolis for every indulgence. Here’s a few of our favorite bakeries around the city:

The Lynhall

With two cozy, rustic locations in Uptown and Edina, the Lynhall is a perfect spot for a brunch of comfort food classics. A favorite of ours is the Funfetti Cake, which is an adorable individual cake to snag for a bestie’s birthday. 

Sunstreet Breads

Grab a freshly baked loaf of bread when you visit this South Minneapolis neighborhood favorite. Have a spare moment during the week? We highly recommend Sunstreet’s glazed donuts, available exclusively on Wednesdays. 

Isles Bun and Coffee

Three words: puppy dog tails. Try this twist (pun intended) on a classic cinnamon roll with dippable icing you might just eat with a spoon. On a weekend morning, their lines are sure to stretch around the block, so swing by early before your walk around the lakes! 


Gluten-free friends, we didn’t forget about you! Everything at Sift is made both gluten and peanut allergen free, so you can sample the whole menu without worry. They’ve got plenty of vegan options, too! With dozens of flavors, we love trying a new muffin on every visit. 

Alma Cafe

In addition to serving house-made pastries each morning, Alma’s space also holds a boutique hotel and prix fixe dining experience every evening. Nestled on a quiet street in Northeast, this spot is only a few steps away from Stone Arch and the river. Try the house-made ricotta on toast for a savory start to the day. 

Honey and Rye Bakehouse

It’s only a hop down Excelsior, and Honey and Rye feels like walking into your grandmother’s kitchen. Nostalgic pastries include a delicious take on the oatmeal cookie sandwich, and their slogan rings true to “bake with butter and love.” Also, check out the local artisans that sell their goodies in the café to show some local love!

Whether you’re looking for an afternoon pick-me-up or surprising your weekend guests with a selection of sweets, there’s nothing better than a pastry that’s fresh from the oven. What’s next on your must-try list?

Maven Roundup: Our Favorite Bakeries in Minneapolis