Realistic Self-Care: 4 Rituals for Daily Life

Self care is a term that’s been glamorized over the last few years, and makes it seem like the cure to stress is spa retreats, shopping days, or a week-long vacation. While these are all wonderful, they’re unrealistic for most of our day-to-day lives.

Acts of self care don’t have to be an entire afternoon or ordeal. In fact, we think they are actually more effective as regular additions to your life. Here are four easy ways to incorporate self care into your daily routine, even on your busiest days.


1. Morning Coffee

There’s something about that first sip of coffee that sets the morning off right. As you sip, make an effort to do absolutely nothing else. Maybe light a candle or listen to your favorite playlist for a few mindful minutes. Taking a slow moment in the morning can make all the difference before launching into a day of chaos. 

2. Skincare Routine

Here at Maven, we love a good skincare routine. No need to make it complicated or expensive, but you do you! We don’t judge! Simply adopt your favorite parts of a facial at home  with your favorite skincare products. Not only does this routine create a daily moment to slow down, but also serves as an investment in your skin for years to come. 

3. Treat Yo Self

While fueling your body with all the fruits and veggies is great, sometimes your favorite snack can be the superpower that fuels a sleepy afternoon. We love swinging through Surdyk’s to scoop up an array of nourishing treats and refreshing drinks. If it’s covered in chocolate, we’re in! 

4. Creative Hobby 

It’s all too easy to let our free time slip away by  scrolling through Instagram. But how much is a feed of perfectly curated snapshots really helping us recharge? Instead, try taking up a hobby that feeds you creatively. Something you’re totally new at is even better--there’s no pressure to create for anyone but yourself. Some of our favorites include cooking new recipes, tie-dye projects, and throwing ceramics at a local pottery studio. 

There is beauty in showing up for yourself in small, daily ways. It’s what makes us the entrepreneurs, partners, parents, and friends we strive to be. No matter how you unwind, the key to self care is listening to your body and giving yourself what you actually need in the moment without judgement or doubt. 

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Realistic Self-Care: 4 Rituals for Daily Life