Setting the Perfect Table

Don’t overthink it! Try not to get intimidated with the idea of setting a perfect tablescape, even if you’re a “bring your fork to the table” kind of family, you can set up something special on the daily. One of the best ways to make a casual meal or a special occasion meal special is to spend some extra time setting the vibe.

There are 3 steps to setting the perfect table.

  1. Creating Your Base

The base is basically the basics. Basic table setting knowledge is needed but don’t feel like you need to over complicate things! Dinner plate, napkin, fork, knife, water glass, and if I’m setting the table, a fancy cocktail glass is a must! Dinner plate centered on the chair, ideally one inch from the edge of the table. Fork on the left, knife on the right with the blade pointing in. Water glass at 1’oclock above the plate. Place mats are optional, and you can use just about anything for these!


  1. Layer All The Things

Layers are what make it special. Dried or fresh floral, candles, textiles in your place mat or napkin, more candles. As long as you have some texture to break up the table, you will be golden. Candles are what add life and romance to an otherwise flat table. The only rule is not to use scented candles! That musky scent you love in your living room could ruin a meal, so stick with the unscented.


  1. Add a Special Touch

This is what personalizes your table. If it’s a dinner for two, place cards would be unnecessary, but you could add a hand written “menu” card for yourselves! If it’s winter, head outside to grab a sprig of pine to tuck into the napkin. It’s the little details that make it extra special. The perfect table is perfectly imperfect, so add something unexpected and enjoy your meal!

Setting the Perfect Table