Social Isolation is Over--What’s Next?

In the series, “Social Isolation is Over--What’s Next?” we’ll be exploring easy ways to transition back into our pre-pandemic lifestyle. Whether it’s hosting the perfect party or maneuvering social gatherings again, the Mavens have you covered.

We never thought we’d see the day, but we’ve arrived in an era where vaccines are readily available and restrictions are vanishing.. We’re social creatures by nature, and as much as we’re thrilled to gather again with family and friends, what do we do in this “new normal”? 

With the world roaring back to its pre-pandemic fire, our summer calendars are filling with long overdue visits and celebrations. Many of these include out of town guests traveling for what might be the first time in months.

The key to being a great host is weaving in touches that speak to your guests’ personalities and your relationship with them. As we’ve learned, everyone has a different comfort level and standard of safety when it comes to the virus. How do you address these needs without making things awkward? We’ve got 4 easy tips to make your house guests feel welcomed and safe.

1. Communicate

The easiest way to gauge your guests is to simply ask. A quick phone call or text asking, “What can I do to make you feel safer in my home?” can alleviate both of your pre-visit stressors. It’s also a great indicator of what other precautions might be worth taking before they arrive.

2. A Clean Dream

Sure, fresh sheets and a tidy bathroom are a given, but this is a perfect excuse to deep clean areas of your home that are often forgotten. Giving surfaces an extra disinfecting swipe on the day-of can go a long way in combating harmful germs.

3. Al Fresco, Anyone?

It’s finally growing warm enough in MN for open windows and outdoor dining. Increase the fresh air feels in your home by leaving windows open before and during their stay. Bonus: the spring blooms act as a natural air freshener! Additionally, consider having meals and cocktails outside to show your outdoor spaces some love. 

Image Credit: Sage E Imagery

4. Packed to Perfection

What could be more adorable than a mini welcome kit for your guests? Putting together a few toiletry necessities, hand sanitizer, and a handwritten note of welcome is the perfect personal touch to make them feel loved from the minute they walk through your door. Maybe even include a split of prosecco to celebrate being together again?!

There is so much still unknown about what our post-COVID world will look like, but spending time with friends and family is something that is undoubtedly here to stay. Cheers to caring for the people we love with style!

Feature Image Credit: Rachabella Photography
Social Isolation is Over--What’s Next?