Taking the Cake and Eating It Too: How to Level-up Your Wedding Guest Gameplay

The world is roaring back to life, and so is the wedding season. 2022 is  our busiest year yet as we make up for lost time. So, strap on your favorite sandals and get ready to dance. It’s time to celebrate!

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It may have been a while since many of us have attended a wedding, let alone a formal event. Luckily our team of planners has the tools you need to elevate your wedding guest experience.. After all, the best gift you can give the couple is standing alongside them as they celebrate their love. 

Here’s a few do’s and don'ts to make sure the couple shines and can celebrate worry-free:

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Roll With It

This couple has likely spent months planning and saving for this day. And they want you to be there! Sometimes it’s easy to think of a wedding as purely a social event. In reality, it’s the most important day of the couples’ lives and you’re there to help enhance the experience. The food isn’t your favorite or they’re playing a little too much eighties rock? Dance anyway and have the time of your life doing it. 


The most fun weddings are those where people from every stage of the couple’s life come together to simply have a great time celebrating their love. Use this opportunity to get to know your tablemates and fellow dance floor shredders. We promise you’ll be better for it when you push outside your comfort zone. 

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Respect +1 Choices

Whatever rule of thumb this couple chooses for who gets a date and who can bring children, we can guarantee they’ve put a lot of thought into it. Going back and forth with them about it before the wedding is a headache for everyone involved. Going dateless? Pair up with a friend who’s already invited to the wedding for a built-in date! 

Gift From The Registry

Bless the person who came up with registries. What better way to send the couple into their new life than giving them exactly what they need?! Even though it might feel less personal purchasing something from a list, there are always sweet ways to add a touch that speaks to your relationship. Add a heartfelt note or small extra gift as a way to show you care. For example, include a “happy hour punch card” as a way to stay connected after the wedding. 

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Wedding season is nearly upon us, and here at Maven, we can’t wait to bring our couples’ dreams to life. Raise a glass to this great year ahead of celebrating love in person! 

Taking the Cake and Eating It Too: How to Level-up Your Wedding Guest Gameplay