Your Home Office Essentials Checklist for 2022

Most of us have experienced working from home for a few months, if not well over a year. While there are definitely perks to the work from home lifestyle (hello, loungewear!), after months of sitting in the same corner of our homes, our routine can quickly become stale. However, with just a few essential updates, your home office can be a place you look forward to spending time in throughout the work week. 

In this article, we’ll cover:

-The importance of quality basics and our go-to picks

-Cozy accessories to add warmth to your WFH space

-Productivity tools to simplify even the most tedious tasks 

- A selection of our favorite houseplants and local art to personalize your space with inviting greenery and and statement pieces

One of the first things to think about when designing a home office, even if it’s just a corner of your living room, is how you intend to use it. Are you frequently on video calls? Need extra peace and quiet to create content? Require space to spread out your files? Addressing these needs first will pay off in the long run as you develop your space. 

While it’s tempting to want to cozy up on the couch and answer emails, studies have shown that separating work space and lounge space is actually better for your mental health and productivity. After working from home ourselves, we can agree that this boundary between work and home life is essential, especially when the two are only steps from each other. 

After all, with our checklist of work-from-home essentials, your home office will be so stacked with gadgets and chic accessories you won’t want to work anywhere else. Here’s a few items on Maven’s must-have list for creating the perfect home office. 


Start With Quality Basics

Since your chair and desk are the two items you’ll be using the most through in your space, it’s important to invest in quality pieces that will outlive even the longest work-from-home sabbatical. These are not only essential for your physical and mental health, but will directly affect your productivity and ability to focus. 

Increasing the surface area of your workspace is a great way to keep everything at your desk and give yourself a dedicated workspace. Instead of scattering paperwork and office supplies throughout your living room, give everything a home on a desk large enough to hold it. 

  • An adjustable desk like this one from Jarvis made with sustainable bamboo is great for transitioning from standing to sitting throughout the day when you’re feeling antsy.
  • Think outside the box with a drafters table. The tilted surface is perfect for getting a birds-eye view of your entire project, even if you aren’t an architect. 


The other crucial investment to make in a home office is a comfortable chair that supports good posture. We’re all for the adorable accent chairs throughout the rest of your home, but a quality office chair is where we value function over fashion. 

  • One of our favorites that still adds style to your space is this leather desk chair from AllModern. It’s sturdy enough to last through long conference calls, but not too commercial office-looking. 
  • For a smaller space, try this sleek rolling pick from West Elm that can be tucked away easily when hosting an event.
  • Have a little extra space? Add a lounging couch to your office for daydreaming and the occasional power nap. We love this bohemian daybed from CB2.

Speaking of good posture, there are a few easy gadgets to make the laptop life more comfortable. Consider a laptop stand and charging phone holder to make a long workday easier on your body and avoid constantly craning your neck.

Lighting Is Key

The late nights illuminated with only the glow of your monitor are long gone. Quality lighting is essential to creating ambiance in any space, but especially important when getting work done. We like to mix options so there is a light setting for every time of day, no matter when your focus strikes. 

  • For a modern twist, we love this brass table lamp from our very own Maven Style Shop. 
  • If you’re looking for something a little more industrial, this Ikea staple is well-loved by designers, architects, and creatives alike for completing tasks.  
  • For a softer option with a fun modern twist, we recommend a more classic table lamp like this adorable pick from Anthropologie.
  • Adding a candle to any workspace adds instant coziness. Starting every morning by lighting your favorite candle can create a sacred ritual to start the workday. Here are a few favorites that have been specially curated by our team.
  • Here in Minnesota, our winters are long. One of the best mood-boosters during a cloudy stretch is sun lamp therapy. We love this natural wood light shining on us for a few minutes each day as we answer our morning emails. 

Cozy Accessories

The best part about working from home? Getting the job done exactly how you want. No more freezing in your office A/C or drinking hours-old coffee. This space is yours for ultra personalization and comfort.

  • No matter the season, a blanket tossed on the back of your chair adds texture to your home office and fights off the occasional draft. This fringed favorite from Urban Outfitters and chunky knit from Anthropologie are in our shopping carts.
  • Keep those feet warm, too. These wool slippers from the Maven Style Shop are a must-have for a shabby-chic workday, and match every work-from-home outfit. 
  • Tune out the world and tune in to your favorite podcasts with noise-canceling headphones. AirPods are an easy pick, but we also love this Bose option for cushy support. 
  • Home alone? Blast the music with this retro-inspired bluetooth speaker
  • Coffee anyone? Keep the caffeine flowing with espresso just a button away with this compact machine.
  • Have a furry coworker? Keep your dog looking stylish through the work day too (even if they’re napping on the job!) with this Foggy Dog striped bed

Bring the outside IN

With extra hours of sun this season, it’s the perfect time to introduce a new plant friend to your desk. Not only will it add a touch of greenery to your space, but works as an air purifier, too! No matter how much light is in your home office, there are a variety of plants that thrive even when you’re too busy to water. 

  • If you’re looking for instant gratification in gardening, pothos plants are your girl. They are great in pretty much every light setting, and can handle an occasional skipped watering. The best part? They grow like crazy
  • If your home office isn’t near natural light, a snake plant is the perfect pick. These hard-to-kill plants thrive in even the lowest light, and need minimal watering. We love this mid-century modern pick.
  • Can’t keep anything alive? We’ve got you covered with our dried floral arrangements that can be easily thrown in your favorite vase and forgotten about for weeks to come. 

Organize In Style

Before long, the notebooks, paperwork, chargers and more can get out of hand. Staying organized throughout the day will not only make you more efficient, but will also reduce your stress. Every item having a home makes tidying up at the end of your workday even easier.

  • Adding acrylic pieces to your desk keeps things tidy while giving the illusion of not taking up too much space. Russel and Hazel has plenty of trendy pieces for mail organization, writing utensil holders, and filing tricks. 
  • Keep a few easy bins near your desk to keep design books, extra sweatshirts, and other easy-grab essentials nearby without having them clutter your space. These simple decorative Target bins are a favorite.
  • Display books in style with floating shelving, which works perfect for even the smallest corners of your space.
  • Drawer organizers are another easy way to corral paper clips, chargers, and other items that can quickly create the dreaded “junk drawer.” These stackable gold acrylic ones from The Container Store are already in our shopping carts.

Thoughtful Art

Having pieces that are meaningful in your space can spark creativity when your brain stalls out. Lose yourself in the work of your favorite artists when feeling unfocused. Local craft stores offer a variety of inexpensive frames to help add variety to your gallery wall, too. 

  • At the Maven Style Shop, we love Coco Shalom and her minimalist prints. Plus, she focuses on creating sustainably, so it’s a win-win!
  • We love supporting local artists! Pieces from Ashley Mary, Anna Lisbeth, and Meg Lewis are a few fun favorites. 
  • In need of a quick fix? Stay on the hunt for postcard-sized art prints that can easily be framed as an inexpensive and easy way to rotate new visuals. Collect them from your favorite travel spots to add sentiment to the walls. 

Focus + Productivity Tools

  • For a natural jump on the day, try a focus supplement. You can snag this one at Target, or try a focus CBD tincture in your morning coffee.
  • Balance the energy in your space by keeping an amethyst crystal nearby. This precious stone represents cleansing, protection, and inspiration to keep the ideas flowing and the distractions away.
  • Sometimes the hardest part is getting started. Make jumping in more fun with these playful cube timers, or this colorful take on a classic. 
  • The best remedy for an unfocused mind? Taking a break! Arrive back into your body with a quick stretch break between calls, complete with a foam roller, slim yoga mat, and theracane to relax your back and neck.


Sometimes all it takes to re-inspire a space is to approach it with fresh eyes. Adding thoughtful touches to your office can help remind you of the perks of working from home in your perfectly personalized space.

Right now, we’re loving these candles, art prints, and lighting. Sharing space with our furry coworkers and listening to our favorite playlist on blast might not be around forever, so we’re excited to enjoy WFH life for just a little longer. 

Your Home Office Essentials Checklist for 2022