DeQuincy's Essays: a Vintage Pocket Book

by MAVEN Style Shop


Published in 1910 DeQuincey's Pocket Book of Essays includes, Joan of Arc, the English Mail Coach and The Spanish Military Nun.

The English Mail-Coach is an essay by the English author Thomas De Quincey. A "three-part masterpiece" and one of his most magnificent works.

The essay is divided into three sections: Part I, "The Glory of Motion," is devoted to a lavish description of the mail coach system then in use in England, and the sensations of riding on the outside upper seats of the coaches; Part II, "The Vision of Sudden Death," deals in great detail with a near-accident that occurred one night while De Quincey, intoxicated with opium, was riding on an outside seat of a mail coach; Part III, Part III, "Dream Fugue, Founded on the Preceding Theme of Sudden Death".

Thomas de Quincey was born in Manchester on the 15th of August, 1785. His father was a man of high character and great taste for literature as well as a successful man of business; he died, most unfortunately, when Thomas was quite young.