Hand Carved Cooking Spoon

by MAVEN Style Shop


Hand carved cooking spoon made of local cherry wood and finished with linseed oil.

Spoons are carved using only an axe and carving knives. This particular spoon is carved in the traditional Scandinavian style and no sand paper is used.

Spoons are made to order and will take 7 days production time.

Each spoon carved is unique - the patterns in the grain vary due to the position the spoon occupied in the log, and the nature of the tree itself. The whole spoon will be lightly treated with 3 coats of raw, food grade linseed oil to protect it burnished with wax - this creates a durable finish.

Spoon is carved once order is placed and may vary in shape and size but be very similar to spoons pictured in the photo. Please expect some variation as these are hand carved and made specially upon ordering!

Production time after order is placed is 7 days. It may take 2 weeks to receive your spoon! Thanks for your patience while we get this one of a kind spoon ready for you!