Palo Santo Candle

by Maven Style Shop


This Candle is 100% Natural and Allergy Friendly.

Recently Featured in COSMOPOLITAN as one of the top 10 candles to make your home smell expensive.

Palo Santo / Vetiver / Cinnamon Leaf / Vanilla

A first whiff of this candle will leave you curious... a slightly smokey-sweet earth scent with an undertow of wood.

But the real magic comes at first light, when the flame ignites the Palo Santo wood’s essential oils and everything transforms into a cloud of weightless calm.

Dominant notes of mysterious Palo Santo come alive with an infusion of smokey vetiver and sweet, spicy accents of Madagascar Vanilla and Cinnamon leaf; creating a fragrance that evokes the experience of a Palo Santo Smudge.

This candle is 100% Natural

+ MIZU candles are designed to be like a Light, fragrant breeze. Often described as “strong enough but not overpowering”, our 100% natural, true-to-nature aromas linger lightly in the air. Inspired by the natural world & embodying moments in time.

+ This listing is for 1 Candle
+ Small batch crafted using ONLY 100% Pure Aromatherapy-grade Essential Oils.
+ 8 oz
+ 100% Cotton Wick
+ 100% Natural Soy wax
+ Paraffin Free / Lead free
+ ~ 40 Hours burn time

Frosted glass container / Aluminum screw lid
3.5” tall x 2.75” wide