Silk Eye Therapy Pillow

by MAVEN Style Shop


Silk Therapy Pillow was designed to calm, relax, and destress. The luxuriously soft silk cover and weighted wheat berry fill relaxes the face and facial muscles by applying gentle and soft pressure to the eyes. The perfect wellness tool during restorative yoga, before bed, after screen time, or while traveling. The lavender scent elevates the sensory experience of your relaxation session. Use at room temperature or heat up in the microwave for an added warm touch and invigoration of the lavender aroma.


  • Relieve eye strain
  • Relax facial tension
  • Soothe dry eyes
  • Calming lavender scent
  • Heatable (remove silk cover while heating)

Heating instructions
Remove cover & set aside. Lay the pillow as flat as possible on turntable and heat in 30-second intervals until you reach your desired temperature. Shake pillow between intervals for even heating. Test temperature on the back of the hand or forearm before placing it on the neck or face. Do not overheat.

8" x 5" (20.3 cm x 12.7 cm)

Cover 100% silk. Casing 100% cotton. 

Filling: Lavender and wheat berry 

Remove cover and wash in cold water. Hang to dry.