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There is beauty in showing up for yourself in small, daily ways. It’s what makes us the entrepreneurs, partners, parents, and friends we strive to be. No matter how you unwind, the key to self care is listening to your body and giving yourself what you actually need in the moment without judgement or doubt. 
Meet the trendy, edgier sister of Crate and Barrel. With CB2, it’s easy to add a modern twist to any space with pieces that are designed beyond traditional boundaries. With a location nestled in Uptown, it’s easy to window shop for inspiration or see bigger items in person before making a commitment .
In this series, we’ll explore small steps you can take to align your career and passions. It’s how Maven was born, and we’re never looking back. Join us on the journey to live a life you truly love.
Ah, Anthropologie. Every time we step through their doors, we enter a colorful, bohemian dream. It’s hard not to buy everything in sight, but we’ve had our eyes on a few home pieces that not only fit the Maven style, but look perfect with our local and vintage finds. 
Summer brings us fresh produce, long days to spend with friends, and nights warm enough to stargaze. Whether you’re spending your weekends lakeside in the woods or in the skyline on a rooftop, we’ve got a cocktail for every occasion.

The gatherings, errands, and impromptu celebrations are over. Now it’s time to relax with yourself for an evening of self-care. To move into this mindset, remember that there is nowhere you need to be, and nothing you “should” be doing. Simply be present in this moment meant for you.

Here’s a few of our favorite gentle ways to close out the weekend. 

The idea of returning to your bed each night as a retreat and not just a place to sleep is one that takes practice. It takes honoring both personal time and space. Through a few mindful additions, this singular room in your home can transform into its own escape entirely. Here’s a few easy ways to transform your bedroom without buying a single thing. 
Your partner popped the first question, and now it’s time to round up your tribe and ask a special one of your own. Your wedding day is not only dreamy because you’re marrying your best friend, but because you’re doing it alongside a room full of people you adore. 
There’s plenty of ways to squeeze in a workout in the Twin Cities. One of our favorite ways to combine mindfulness with a good sweat is yoga. Especially during a busy week, it’s essential to get a quiet hour that is all your own. During the pandemic, we learned how to channel this calm at home, but this summer we’re excited to return to our favorite studios around the cities.
In the series, “Social Isolation is Over--What’s Next?” we’ll be exploring easy ways to transition back into our pre-pandemic lifestyle. Whether it’s hosting the perfect party or maneuvering social gatherings again, the Mavens have you covered.

Summer is the perfect time to lose yourself in a good book. Whether you’re playing catch up on your nightstand’s stack or looking for something to bring along to the cabin, we wanted to share a few of our team’s favorite recommendations. We hope you’re able to read these on a beach, traveling the world, or killing time between meetings in these next months. 

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