5 Easy Houseplants to Freshen Up Your Air in Style

We’ve all seen the influencers with adorable apartments that have plants to the ceiling. They look like they’re living in a modern, cozy jungle. But how do they find the time to water and care for so many different plants?!

The idea of spending money on something that you’ll inevitably kill can have you reaching for wall art and shelf accents instead to style your space. But there’s more to houseplants than just a pop of greenery. These babes are nature’s air purifiers, and scientifically proven to lower stress levels when they’re around. 

As floral experts, we’ve learned a few things about building a home jungle of our own. Life gets busy, and we have a few favorite houseplants that can withstand a forgetful plant mom. Here’s 5 ideas to get started: 

1. Philodendron

If you’re looking for instant gratification in gardening, this is your girl. Philodendrons are great in pretty much every light setting, and can handle an occasional skipped watering. The best part? They grow like crazy. In the first year, your plant will easily have vines over six feet long. 

2. Jade

Jade plants are a succulent-style option that also grows relatively quickly, and only needs watering 2-3 times per month. Their bulbous leaves add shape to any space, and they’re easy to propagate into mini jade plants later! 

3. ZZ Plant

The leaves of a ZZ could be a textile all their own. This lady does best in bright sun near a window, and sports a deep green hue that accents any room’s color palette. This tropical plant loves an occasional misting to mimic jungle humidity, and can be watered every 7-14 days.

4. Snake Plant (or, Mother-In-Law’s Tongue) 

Honestly, it’s hard to kill a snake plant, which is why we love them! This is another low-light option that can thrive even in artificial lighting. It’s perfect for offices or filling larger corners of your space. Be sure not to overwater a snake plant--it needs care every 3 weeks at most. 

5. Fiddle Leaf Fig

Feel your thumb turning green? It’s time to give the beloved Fiddle Leaf Fig a try. These are our favorite for how they compliment every interior’s aesthetic. They’re a bit trickier since they don’t like to skip watering. With a deep weekly watering, well-draining pot, and lots of sunlight, these plants will thrive. 

With every plant, make sure to use pots with a drainage hole, fertilize occasionally, and keep on a watering schedule. Setting a weekly reminder for ten minutes of plant love is all you need to grow your houseplants into greenery that will freshen your air for years to come.

5 Easy Houseplants to Freshen Up Your Air in Style